Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could have the S8’s worst feature!

Samsung is gearing up for the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, which looks set to come out next month.

More and more details about the handset are beginning to emerge and, worryingly, it appears that it may come with the Galaxy S8’s worstfeauture – its fingerprint scanner.

Samsung is yet to publish any pictures of the phone, but has confirmed that the sensor will not be embedded beneath the screen, as many were expecting it to be.

With the Note 8 set to emulate the S8 in terms of an “all-screen design”, there won’t be room for a fingerprint scanner anywhere else on the front side of the phone.

That means it will almost certainly be rear-mounted, a rumour that numerous picture leaks support.

Mobile Fun has already put some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases up for pre-order online, and they all-but-confirm that the handset’s fingerprint sensor will, once again, sit right next to the camera lens.

The S8’s fingerprint sensor is incredibly frustrating and undoubtedly damages the user experience.

It’s small, shallow and badly positioned. When you reach for it, your finger naturally settles on the camera hardware, blurring up the lens in the process.

Though it appears that Samsung has slightly increased the size of the gap between the camera and the fingerprint sensor on the Note 8, they still look like they’re far too close to each other.

A render tweeted by Slickwraps CEO Jonathan Endicott is far less clear, but also shows the fingerprint sensor positioned next to the camera.

The Note 8 is expected to be even bigger than the Galaxy S8+, which is an impressive device, but considered by some to be excessively large.

From: Independent

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