16 Totally Random Things That Will Blow Your Mind

Knowledge is power, and often it’s the minuscule, utterly irrelevant facts of life which are the ones that really get to us. I’ll give you an example. My friend, a photography student, told me the other day that with every two minutes that goes by, the people on planet earth take more pictures than all of humanity did in the 19th century. Perhaps not that surprising when you consider the 21st century’s obsession with selfie sticks and photobombing – but nevertheless, still pretty insane right?If you loved that little gem, you will simply adore the 15 totally random things that are coming your way. Next time you’re at a party and small talk runs stale, pull one or two of these out of the hat and you’ll have the whole gathering hanging onto your every word. Trust me.

1. When you snap your fingers, the noise doesn’t come from your finger and thumb. Instead, it comes from your middle finger hitting your palm

2. Your shopping cart has a hidden feature you never even knew about

3. Sorry to break it to you, but “genuine leather” doesn’t mean the item is made of real leather; it’s actually a grade of leather and the second worst type of leather that exists

4. Witchcraft

5. There’s a good reason why Microsoft chose to go with “X” instead of “E” for Excel

6. The LG logo is a broken Pac-Man

7. Eyes. Opened.

8. It’s impossible to unsee this

9. Deep thoughts going on here

10. Child me just had her mind blown

11. When you hear yourself speak, your voice comes across lower and richer due to vibrations inside your head and when you  hear your voice on a recording the quality of microphone and recording equipment will affect its sound – meaning that you’ve never actually heard your own voice

12. The filling inside Kit-Kats is other Kit-Kats; It’s a “paste” of rejected Kit-Kats, mashed up to fill other ‘Kats

13. The Crayola box is always smiling

14. Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Phoebe always reserved the sofa in Central Perk

15. Arizona hasn’t changed its 99-cent iced tea price since 1992

16. Jamie Foxx isn’t who we all think he is

So is your mind blown, or is your mind blown? No one can say that these random things are going to save the environment or stop world hunger, but they were a surefire way to spend five minutes filling your mind up with random nonsense that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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