Most mind-blowing things ever discovered in space

It’s pretty easy to see space as boring…

All that appears to exist are big balls of gas and uninhabitable planets.

I mean, even if humans manage to get to Mars, what are we really going to discover?

Rocks, desert and stronger UV rays? Boring!

Yet, somehow Hollywood seems to paint the most remarkable picture of Space, even though it rarely stands up to actual science.

The truth is, not even the most imaginative minds in film can come up with what really exists in Space.

It’s stranger than any of us can imagine, you just need to know where to look, such as…


1) 6A Planet Made of Diamond

If you’ve ever watched science fiction, you quickly learn that there  are about 5 different types of planets:

There’s the forest planets (Like Avatar), the ice planets (Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back), desert planets, rock planets and lava planets.

But did you know that real scientists have actually studied about 1,000 different planets?

Some of them are downright unbelievable.

PSR J1719-1438 b is one of them. It isn’t made of gas, rock or even lava. It’s made of diamond.

You might wonder to yourself, how is this even possible?

Well, it used to be a star, and occasionally when a star dies, it emerges again as a planet.

In this case, it was a binary star. The twin made a huge bomb that left a pulsating star, and a white dwarf. The dwarf positioned itself just far enough from its brother that it lost matter but kept its carbon core.

Carbon is just a massive level of hot temperature away from becoming diamond.

This happens on Earth, just underground in places that are hard to find.

But for this lucky planet (or unlucky?), it was in the right spot in space for the whole interior of the planet to turn into diamond.

The question is, which billionaire (or quadrillionare) is going to be the first to tow this planet back to Earth?!


2) 6A Gigantic rain cloud

Have you ever seen a space movie where they’re traveling inside a spaceship and they can’t see because of fog and cloud? Nope? Me either. It’d be funny, but I guess it wouldn’t make for thrilling entertainment.

But in real space, scientists have found a massive pool of water just floating in the cosmos. It’s actually the biggest pool of water we know of in the universe.

How big? Pacific ocean like big?

Nope, try 100,000 times the sun type big!

And again, you’re probably wondering how this even exists. Scientists are still shrugging and guessing, but they believe it could be a massive black hole that’s gobbling up everything around it.

However, instead of releasing energy like a normal black hole would, it’s releasing water vapor. Why that is they don’t know.

Instead, just a picture a huge ass mouth that’s drooling water vapor everywhere.


3) Lightning!

Lightning doesn’t just exist on Earth. It’s been observed in planets like Mars and Saturn.

But what you probably don’t know is that lighting exists in deep space, with no planets nearby.

But that’s not the most surprising fact.

These lighting bolts have a force of equal to 50 million tonnes of electricity.
However, perhaps a lightning strike is the wrong word to describe it, considering that a single bolt of its lightning is 50 percent longer than the entire Milky Way galaxy.

As with most weird and wonderful things about space, this is caused by a black hole. Scientists say that this likely caused by the black hole having an incredibly strong magnetic field.

The enormity of this strike might be why we’re able to detect it from a whopping two billion light-years away.


4) 3A Cold Star

The sun is hot. Really hot. We all know that. The last thing you would ever want to do in space is to try and land on a star as you’d instantly burn into flames (well, long before you actually landed really).

But there is one thing you wouldn’t expect:

That a star can actually be cold!

Yet, scientists have discovered a star that’s only 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This means if we ever went there, we would simply need a space helmet and shorts.

This star is brown dwarf, which means that it started its life as a star, but didn’t have the required mass to continue on it’s heroic journey.

However, they’re still considered stars…because at least they’re trying, right?


5) 2A Star 1,500 Times Bigger Than Our Sun

It’s difficult to grasp space because the scale is totally off the rails…Models of the universe can never accurately gauge it’s level of awesomeness.

Our sun is 109 times bigger than the Earth. In fact, if you lumped all the mass of the planets in our solar system together, 99% of it would be the sun.

The sun is massive.

But scientists have discovered a star that’s 1500 times the size our sun. It’s so huge that it takes 8 hours for it’s own light to travel from one side to the other

Astronomers don’t really know why it’s so massive, but it will only exist for 100,00 more years, so they better be quick to find out.

6) The Gargantuan Blob from the Beginning of Time

You probably already know that whenever we use a telescope, we’re

being time travelers. The sunlight we’re viewing originated 8 minutes ago and every star we look at ,we’re glancing at the past.

As telescopes get stronger, they’re viewing even further into the past…and what they’re discovering is pretty freaky, like this image…

What is it?

It’s simply a blob of gas that’s approximately 200 million light-years wide. Our entire galaxy is only 100,000 light years across.

And according to astronomers, it’s roughly 12 billion years old, which means that it’s pretty much a chunk of whatever happened directly after the big bang.

How the researchers found it, I have no idea, but it’s pretty remarkable to think that we’ve seen 12 billion years into the past, close to the period where time started to exist.


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