Man climbs side of building like spider to save dangling child

In moments, this man scaled a building to rescue a 2-year-old who was dangling by his neck over a ledge.

One doesn’t need to possess impressive physical skills to be considered a hero, but agility and strength certainly don’t hurt! In fact, it’s these gifts – along with quick-thinking – that helped a man named Liang Lee save a child who was dangling from a ledge in Liaocheng, China.

Earlier this week, passers by started calling for help when they noticed a young boy hanging by his neck from a third-floor window. Reportedly, the 2-year-old had gotten his head stuck between the bars of a security cage surrounding the window. If he moved his head to the right or left, he would have fallen, relays GoodNewsNetwork. 

Fortunately, an agile neighbor with ninja-like moves was quick to respond and helped free the young boy. The rescuer, Liang Lee, lives near where the accident takes place and came running when he heard the youngster’s cries.

As soon as he reached the two-year-old, he used his bare hands to lift the boy up and out of the window – saving his life. If the event sounds impressive, just wait until you watch it unfold below!

Not everyone can scale a building like Lee, but they can be a hero on the daily by conducting small, kind deeds. Opening the door for someone, smiling at strangers, offering a compliment to a friend or family member – all of these can brighten someone’s mood and, in effect, positively affect others.

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