Rituals of highly successful people

  1. Their morning routines don’t change.

They keep each morning simple, no matter what the routine. Coffee, breakfast, workout, meditation, hike – whatever the routine is, highly successful people keep it the same.

  1. They don’t procrastinate.

When there are tasks to be done, they do them promptly. Procrastination is the killer of success.

  1. They push their limits.

Successful people like to see how far they can go. They like to see how much they can get done. They like to see what their limitations are, and then push them, even further.

  1. They trust their gut.

But they also use their brains.

  1. They focus on the positive.

This can be hard when you’re pushing yourself to be successful, especially if you’re letting someone else define for you what success is.

In life, we succeed and fail, but along the way, the most successful among us will see the positive as most important.

  1. They keep their long term-goals in focus.

I had a friend when I was much younger who started taking martial arts classes. He went up in ranks quickly and managed to earn a black belt in just a few years.

One thing he did was always keep his long-term goal in mind. How? He bought a pad of post-it notes, wrote “black belt” on each one, and stuck them all over his house. “Black belt” was always on his mind.

This is a truly amazing tool for achieving your big goals. Never let them out of your sight.

  1. They welcome honest criticism.

Successful people recognize easily criticism for the sake of criticizing you, but they do welcome honest criticism. That kind of critique can help you grow and develop into a more successful person.

  1. They don’t let themselves get a big head.

Because who wants to be around someone with a big ego?

  1. They keep notes.

Your mind is going to let go of thoughts and ideas deemed overall unimportant, which is why writing things down is a big help for successful people. Even if an idea isn’t bound to come to fruition at this moment in time, returning to it later isn’t a bad idea. Keeping notes helps with this.

Source: dailyvibes.org

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